On the 8th and 9th January, the partners of InNature – Innovation in Schools inspired by Nature Solutions gathered to launch the project. The meeting was full of successful discussions around the concept and implementation of the project, and there was even time to visit the premises of the host – Szkola Podstawowa Nr 375, get to see a bit of Warsaw and strengthen relations among partners.

InNature brings together 8 partners from 6 European countries: Inncrease (PL), INOVA+ (PT), CEEBIOS (FR), Ellinogermaniki Agogi S.A (GR), Newark School (MT), Valmieras Pargaujas Sakumskola (LV), AELPB (PT), and Szkola Podstawowa Nr 375. This consortium has embraced the challenge to enhance competences and awareness on biomimicry in the school community, including students, parents, teachers and directors, and Informal Science Education providers through the development and implementation of a set of activities related to this approach and events.

The expected results are:

  • Strategic Plan for Biomimicry in schools in Europe (consisting of the current good practices in European countries regarding biomimicry in different contexts, as well as the assessment of the possibility to adapt and/or transfer those practices to primary and lower secondary schools);
  • InNature Toolkit (consisting of a set of educational activities for teachers to use in classes that will be developed and tested in schools, and complemented by a teacher’s Handbook -a guide to allow the independent use of activities in the classroom;
  • InNature Fair (consisting of a 3-day event in schools with activities and presentations to enhance the school community and Informal Science Education Providers’ curiosity on the theme.


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