From the 23rd to the 25th of November the INNATURE partners organised a short staff training event, in which all partners participated. The first day was dedicated to an introduction to biomimicry for teachers and its main concepts. Then, the INNATURE Toolkit was presented, and an explanation was given on how it should be implemented in schools. The second half of the first day was spent on presenting challenges for teachers and sharing ideas on how to use the toolkit. The day ended with some inspirational videos on biomimicry!

The second day of training started with a detailed presentation on the selected activities from the toolkit as well as a Q&A session clarifying any doubts about the INNATURE materials. After that, the participating teachers were split into groups and developed collaborative work on planning the application of the INNATURE activities for their classes, e.g. lesson plan development.

The third and last day started with a challenge for teachers where they were asked to present the results of the exercises done the day before. Then, all foreseen outcomes of the project were presented as well as a final set of practical recommendations for the development and improvements of the INNATURE materials.

All partners considered this training was very helpful for the future activities of the project!

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