The articles below offer perspectives from two biomimicry practitioners on the value of biomimicry and what differentiates it from other types of bio-inspired design.

During the project implementation, the consortium will develop three intellectual outputs which are the core deliverables and which should be communicated and disseminated. These are:

IO1 Strategic Plan for biomimicry in schools in Europe

A plan will be developed by the consortium focused on the current good practices in the European countries regarding biomimicry in different contexts, as well as the assessment of the possibility to adapt and/or transfer those practices to primary and lower secondary schools.

IO2 InNature Toolkit

Based on the Strategic Plan for biomimicry in schools in Europe, namely the good practices and their usage in primary and lower secondary schools , a set of educational activities for teachers to use in classes, will be developed and tested in schools, and complemented by a teacher’s handbook, a guide to allow the independent use of activities in the classroom.

IO3 InNature Fair

Partners will develop a programme to organize the “InNature Fair”, a 3-day event in schools with activities and presentations to enhance the school community and Informal Science Education Providers curiosity on the theme. This event will be tested in schools during the project lifetime to receive feedback on the project target groups. The programme developed will be adaptable to different schools and activities, enhancing the probability to be used in other moments by different stakeholders.

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