On the 17th of June, the partners of InNature – Innovation in Schools inspired by Nature Solutions held their third transnational meeting. Even though the meeting was online, due to the current pandemic situation, it was successful, and all partners agreed on the next steps.

Inncrease started by asking the partner schools for an update on the piloting of IO2 – INNATURE Toolkit. Then, IO3 – INNATURE Fair was discussed, and partners considered the option of having an online event, or a mixed event, because of the impossibility of receiving externals at schools (COVID-19 situation). The INNATURE Fair will be a 3-day event to make the school community more aware of the biomimicry approach and impact, and it will involve students, teachers, directors, and parents. Before the actual event, partners will define the practical activities to develop within the school community and develop the programme alignment and contents in a way that can be replicated by other parties.

The partners ended the meeting agreeing on the organization of the national Multiplier events to be held in each partner country between July and November.

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