InNature’s Maltese partner, Newark School, organised the pilot of IO2 between March and April 2021. The activities piloted were:

  • B4 – Colourful like a morpho butterfly 
  • C3 – Adhere without toxic glue
  • C4 – Protecting against heat and cold 
  • C7 – The termite mound
  • C8 – Experience – the termite mound 
  • E1 – Biomimetician

The feedback from the participants was very positive. Teachers enjoyed carrying out the activities and would like to have the opportunity to carry out more. According to their feedback, the activities helped the students develop their problem-solving skills whilst working in a team. Students were also encouraged to look things up on the internet and predict and evaluate what the results will be from the experiments.

Overall, the students really enjoyed carrying out these activities and rated the activities an average of 4 out of 5. Due to the resources created, they have learned a lot of new information. The majority of students would like to carry out more activities found in the toolkit. 


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